Hallelujah Here Below - Book/CD Bundle

Hallelujah Here Below - Book/CD Bundle

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Take a deeper dive into our ‘Hallelujah Here Below’ album with this limited edition photo book. It contains special photos from the live recording, some thoughts behind a few of the songs, and notes from the songwriters. Pick up this great creative expression of one of our favorite albums bundled together with our 'Hallelujah Here Below' CD. 

An altar of broken stones: it’s what God once asked for from His people (Exodus 20:25). Not perfection, not beauty––but brokenness. God didn’t create us to be perfect; He created us to worship Him in our imperfection. He already knows who you are. He was with you in your darkest valley, He was with you in your weakest moment, and He is with you now. Give Him your hallelujah. Praise God, from Whom all blessings flow; Praise Him, all creatures here below.


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